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<3 Mari

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Okay, i never had time to think about posting anything like this before... but here i am now :3

I know im a girl, so ill try my best not to sound to lesbian. I just really like Mari, as a person. Her personality is so bright! Ill try list off a bunch of things;

Beautiful, funny, witty, awesome gamer, up-to-date, loud, not afraid to hang out with guys, gorgeous! You have a really nice face and real nice hair! I love how you can take a joke lightly, and get a good laugh out of it, i love how you have a EPIC sense of humour! You seem like a friendly person, and your not afraid to beat the guys at their own games! Keep it up!

(Anyone else who wants to be nice about MAri, please post! Dont make her feel left out!

(And dont post a bunch of crap. If you have nothing nice to say, then keep your f*@#ing mouths shut, and laptops closed.