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Super Head Esploder X

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What is your highest score/ level?
Have you reached level infinity?
What characters/features would you like to see added to the game?
What is your favorite weapons/power ups?
What is your favorite head to esplode?
Who's head have you added to the game?

It gets difficult when the train of Anthony and Ian heads come in.

Mari should be added to the game.
Maybe she could shoot lasers too?

Maybe a tiny firetruck could also be added that drives through and could cause damage to the character?

maybe in the infinity level there could be a smosh logo power up that gives you temporary super speed and invincibility like in super mario.

I like to use the laser power up as soon as it's available.

i would like for the them to add more of a variety of music and more catchphrases! but its still a great game!