6 Best Foods to Get Your Spicy on

You’re cold. You’re hungry. What better way to address two pressing issues with spicy food? Here are some top picks when you’re feeling like dancing with the devil! And by "dancing" I mean eating. And by "with the devil" I mean spicy food. Yeah. Moving right along!

1. Spicy Buffalo Wings

spicy wings

Classic, ‘riginal, spicy buffalo wings never disappoint. Just don’t go on a first date. Wing face is not a cute look. Unless your date is into that sort of thing. Then, yeah eat wings on a first date. I’m glad you found someone who appreciates wing face.

2. Ddeokbokki


This dish is sure to satisfy your heat tooth (see what I did there?). Ddeokbokki is a stir-fried rice cake often accompanied by fish cakes, boiled eggs, and scallions.

3. Hotpot


Hotpot is a great spot (I’m on a roll!) if you’re craving steamy, veggie, soupy goodness.

4. Tacos


But not just any tacos — the Chiles Toreados tacos from Guisados in Los Angeles. Yes, this is very specific. But if you’re truly looking to heat things up, come to LA, hit me up, I have room on my couch for you, and we will eat this taco. What’s in it? Serranos and habaneros. No meat. Just peppers.

5. Japanese Curry

japanese curry

Thicker and a bit sweet compared with other styles of curry, Japanese curry is perfect atop a steaming bed of rice with crispy chicken and veggies.

6. Hot Cheetos

hot cheetos

Don't even look at the "Nutrition Facts" on the back and rip into a bag of Hot Cheetos. Calories, sodium, fat — ignore all these haters and just enjoy this most perfect treat.

Wanna go get dinner tonight? Hit me up on Twitter @AndiHester! My boyfriend can’t handle spicy food so right now I just eat Hot Cheetos alone in my car. That image isn’t depressing. Okay bye!