7 Foods I Loved as a Kid That Now Disgust Me

There have been many meals over the years that I have not enjoyed; sometimes they’re just not for me, other times it’s because they were just super gross. Of course, the meals I ate as a kid DWARF them. As an adult, I feel I have quite a refined sense of taste. As a kid, I loved garbage. Here are some examples of foods I used to love that I am now truly disgusted by.

Pop Tarts

Man, when I was young, I would any eat any damn flavor of these things. Strawberry. Cherry. S’MORES?! But now… hoo boy, just the look of ‘em makes me uncomfortable. I mean, what the hell is that weird goo in the middle?

Tuna Casserole

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I swear to you, I loved tuna casserole when I was a kid. I liked my mom’s the best, and had it on every special occasion. The other kids didn’t love my birthday meals, but it was my birthday. These days, though, there’s just something about a pile of creamy fish noodles that… well, I imagine that description makes it pretty clear how I could now be grossed out by it.



This glorified sugar water was a thing I once could not get enough of (grape, in particular) that now makes me unbelievably nauseous. It’s so, so sweet. Insanely so. I kind of can’t believe that even kids can drink this stuff.


Of all the candy, Runts might just be the sweetest. They're just compressed sugar that seems to be further sweetened with fruit flavoring that… I guess tastes like fruit? It seems like Runts are mostly good for lightly chipping your teeth.

Fried Baloney


This was like the only kind of sandwich that I could make when I was a kid, and make it I did. I ate it at least every other day, and that’s why I had six heart attacks before I was seven. Anyway, baloney NOT FRIED is disgusting to me now, so an extra greasy slab of the stuff… *shudders audibly*

Easy Mac

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Unless you have a physical disability, there’s like no excuse not to just make Mac & Cheese properly! To eat such an inferior version of something that’s already not exactly the highest quality product on the market is just masochistic.

Chicken McNuggets

No exaggeration; Chicken McNuggets were my favorite thing to eat growing up. I binged on those gray ass McNuggets that were shaped like a boot. I didn’t even use sauce with them, I thought they were so good. I’m not sure if I changed, or the recipe changed, or what, but I had them for the first time in years and… oh man. These things are putrid. Like. So gross. May God have mercy on us all.

I barfed seven times while writing this. What makes you puke? Let us know on Twitter at @Smosh!