DARK New 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Moon' Trailer Is EPIC, GRITTY, GAME-CHANGING, ETCETERA

Last year's Pokémon Sun and Moon were full of adorable, powerful, and, if we're being honest, tasty Pokémon, but none of them could swallow the light from an entire land. And that was a big problem! Pokémon who swallow the light from an entire land are sick as hell!! Thankfully, we've got Pokémon ULTRA Sun and ULTRA Moon coming next month, and these games look to be chock-full of monsters who swallow the light from an entire land. Check out the trailer:

MIND. BLOWN, right? That trailer was epic! We've got Pokémon coming through time portals! The Alola region being consumed by darkness! A stupid kid wearing a bucket hat! This game will have everything!

And did you hear that shocking reveal? Omens are unmistakable! Darkness is approaching! It feels liek the world is on the line! This Pokémon trailer has all the gravity of a trailer for an Avengers movie where one of them dies! I feel like we're coming up on the end of a trilogy over here! All that's missing is a tagline like "Heroes will rise" or "Legends will fall". If something rises or falls, we'll finally know what series is next to get a Christopher Nolan reboot.

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