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Posted 1 hour 13 min ago by Desi Jedeikin.
The very premise of the show Catfish pretty much demands that every episode has a surprising reveal. I mean the whole point of the show is that...
Posted 6 hours 26 min ago by Cat Pajamas.
On the left is Jupiter. On the right is what Miley Cyrus *thinks* is Jupiter, but is actually Saturn. (Source) Tattoos are essentially...
Posted 10 hours 28 min ago by Will Weldon.
Amazon reviews really attract the more bizarre members of humanity. These maniacs just want a chance to be heard, and Yelp is probably too...
Posted 17 hours 27 min ago by Erika Heidewald.
Music festivals are a great opportunity to listen to new music, dance, wear weird outfits, and engage in recreational, uhhh, activities. But...
Posted 1 day 49 min ago by Will Weldon.
Actors are... special. They do some weird stuff, right down to dating people they're pretending to be related to. Some of them so crave the...
Posted 1 day 4 hours ago by Cosmic Charlie.
While most of the animated gifs you see on Twitter, Tumblr or Reddit are simple clips from movies and television, there are a few select artists out...
Posted 1 day 6 hours ago by Cat Pajamas.
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