Will Weldon

Will Weldon is a comedian from Canada, a country you may recognize from any map and/or atlas of the world. Now residing in Los Angeles, he goes on stage and either complains about or mock things around him, often to laughter! He’s also appeared in a number of tiny roles on television and in commercials, and generally enjoys not taking things too seriously. So relax, bro!




Will Weldon

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Posted 19 hours 56 min ago by Will Weldon.
Time is a flat circle. Matthew McConaughey told us so, and he’s no liar. But in the world of movie magic, time can be bent to our will. But with time...
Posted 2 days 23 hours ago by Will Weldon.
I know that there's already a lot of Disney content out there, but there are just so many questions swirling around that universe. For instance,...
Posted 5 days 22 hours ago by Will Weldon.
While the Transformers weren’t super mainstream until the release of the first, and only decent movie, they did have a very large and consistent fan...
Posted 1 week 16 hours ago by Will Weldon.
Relationships are hard, but they’d be a lot easier if we were all cartoons. Why would that be the case? Who cares, just let me have this. Now don’t...
Posted 1 week 3 days ago by Will Weldon.
Social media influencers are all hot, from "vaguely hot" to "extremely conventionally hot". It’s hard to define what they do, but oh baby, we sure...
Posted 1 week 4 days ago by Will Weldon.
Fans are wild, man. It’s not like they’re just out there, rooting for whatever they're a fan of. Oh no, they make it their whole lives. Hell,...
Posted 1 week 5 days ago by Will Weldon.
As a man, I am frequently embarrassed by the things for men. The way products are marketed to us, the people that get tossed on TV to represent us…...