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Posted 1 day 11 hours ago by Cat Pajamas.
Anyone who's ever had to pay rent, bills, and keep a sh*tty job knows that being and adult is hard. And while it seems to be an inevitable part of...
Posted 2 days 3 hours ago by Tyler Davidson.
Now that the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok has dropped, we’ve seen the latest badass iteration of the Incredible Hulk, in space gladiator form, as...
Posted 2 days 4 hours ago by Desi Jedeikin.
By now we've all probably heard about the girl who made a Spotify playlist telling her crush how she felt. And since he felt the same way, it t...
Posted 2 days 8 hours ago by Andi Hester.
< br /> (source) Ferrero Rocher are the odd gold-wrapped candy that are the perfect holiday gift for that special someone you don’t really know...
Posted 2 days 20 hours ago by Heidi Lux.
As long as there are teenage girls, there will continue to be boy bands. You know, the cookie-cutter manufactured musical groups designed to separate...
Posted 3 days 4 hours ago by Will Weldon.
Posted 3 days 8 hours ago by Heidi Lux.
Being a teenager has changed over time, and there’s nothing that has changed more than taste in TV. What’s popular today wasn’t popular 10 years ago...